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On this day in 1954 – Sports Illustrated, a magazine about everything sports – hits newsstands for the first time.
The late Ozzie Sweet, called the Babe Ruth of sports photography was the inspiration for many of the SI photographers.
Last Saturday I was at the New York City taping of Antiques Road Show with passes from Larry Canale who authored two books with Ozzie Sweet:

Over 13 years I have had many conversations and emails with Larry, but never met until last Saturday. He knew I had many of Ozzie’s images and said “I didn’t know you had that many! Theirs enough for another book.”

My project now is the schedule more time within and coming months to work on them. When Ozzie was alive, I also talked to him about photography and color of his images as he and Larry were never pleased with the color produced in the (wonderful) books.

Time is the greatest enemy to color transparency and color prints In technical terms the yellow layer of all color is a vegetable dye and fades, thus giving the purple color we all old slides and family color prints. That is why storage and other archival techniques are so important. Digital has different issues, but prints I create are all made using archival inks and paper.
Enough tech talks!

Ozzie was also one of my inspirations that is why I pursued to buy his images and copyrights (another story for the future). On my website in galleries click on Classic Images for a sample of Ozzie Sweets images.



The Antique Road Show is stopping at the Javits Center in New York City today and I was invited to it through someone I know that works on the publishing side of the show.
The day just seems to be building as a nostalgic day in my morning eamils was

If your a child of the 1950’s this is a noslaglic trip that will bring back memories..

Featured Image -- 1766

Ranking all 30 MLB ballparks


I do not agree with some of his rankings, but than this is his opinon…

Originally posted on Nats Insider:

You may have noticed last week when I was covering the All-Star Game in Minneapolis that I noted Target Field was the last of the 30 current MLB ballparks I needed to visit. It’s a very cool achievement to be able to cross off my bucket list, and actually the list is even longer than that when you add ballparks that are no longer with us.

For the record, I’ve now seen MLB games played in 43 different parks in my lifetime, including the out-of-service Qualcomm Stadium, Astrodome, Busch Stadium II, Metrodome, County Stadium, Three Rivers Stadium, Veterans Stadium, Old Yankee Stadium, Shea Stadium, Memorial Stadium, Olympic Stadium, Dolphin Stadium and RFK Stadium.

Last week’s trip to Target Field, though, got me thinking about how I would rank all of these parks. There’s no perfect method for this, and it’s not exactly fair to try to compare sparkling new gems…

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1985 – U.S. Route 66 ceases to be an official U.S. highway.

June 27, 1985  U.S. Route 66 ceases to be an official U.S. highway.  In 2010 on a cross country trip I picked-up Route 66 leaving Amarillo Texas.  I am planning a future trip to hookup with Route 66 in Chicago and  travel the route to Los Angeles.



 Cadillac Ranch Amarilllio Texas Rt 66

Cadillac Ranch Amarillo Texas Rt 66

On Route 66

Delgadillo's Snow Cap Drive-In Seligman Arizona  Route 66

Delgadillo’s Snow Cap Drive-In Seligman Arizona
Route 66

Delgadillo  Owner of Snow Cap Drive-In Route 66

Delgadillo Owner of Snow Cap Drive-In Route 66

Route 66

Route 66



Rubee's Diner Tucumcare New Mexico 2010 Now Closed

Rubee’s Diner Tucumcari New Mexico 2010 Now Closed


Andy Divine Blvd Kingman Arizona Rt 66

Andy Divine Blvd Kingman Arizona Rt 66

Never Stop Trying To Score Runs

Final 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Toronto 0 0 3 0 0 2 3 1 5 14 16 3
Cincinnati 0 8 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 9 10 0

Joe Maddon

“I want to take this moment, please, regarding this crazy stuff about leads and teams not trying to score runs,” Maddon said. “I did not take any exception when they stole on us last year in the eighth inning of the Division Series. … I didn’t take any, because our goal is to not permit them to score runs. Our goal is to score runs — the whole game. I mean, it’s always been the goal within the game of baseball. Apparently some of their guys on their bench did not like that. I really wish they would roll back the tape and look at that more specifically.”  (By Bill Chastain /  Tempers flare in Rays-Red Sox series finale 5/25/2014)

I am in no way implying that the Cincinnati Reds sat on their lead. Over the years I have seen thousands of games in person and on TV has seen managers pulling players to give them a rest, and stop doing the little things, stealing a base, and move runners up when they have a big lead. All because of an unwritten rule do not show up the other team. When I see this happening, I always think of the Yankee announcers throughout the years saying “No lead is safe in Fenway Park.”

In baseball, the beauty of the game is there’s no clock and until that 27th out is recorded anything can happen and last night it did…


Route 66 Stanley Marsh 3, founder of Cadillac Ranch in Texas, dies at 76

One of the many places that I wanted to see was Cacillac Ranch outside Amarillio Texas on Route 66. These are my images from that visit…

 Cadillac Ranch Amarilllio Texas Rt 66

Cadillac Ranch Amarilllio Texas Rt 66

Cadillac Ranch Amarilllio Texas Rt 66

Cadillac Ranch Amarilllio Texas Rt 66

Cadillac Ranch Amarilllio Texas Rt 66

Cadillac Ranch Amarilllio Texas Rt 66

Cadillac Ranch Amarilllio Texas Rt 66

Cadillac Ranch Amarilllio Texas Rt 66





Gene Woodling

1962 Gene Woodling becomes the first major leaguer to play for both the Yankees and the Mets. In his National League debut, the 38-year old outfielder goes 2-for-4, scoring two runs for the new expansion team in an 8-7 loss to the Cubs at the Polo Grounds.  (

I will follow up this, as Gene Woodling has a special meaning to me…..

Marilyn Monroe, and Me


June 1, is Marlyn Monroe’s birthday and would have been 88 today. Earlier this week in The Huffington Post was this story:

“12 Famous People Who Really Made The Most Out Of Their Last Words ” By Shelley Emling.

The second famous quote, was said by Joe DiMaggio,“I finally get to see Marilyn.” speaking of his former love Marilyn Monroe. DiMaggio died in 1999 following a battle with lung cancer. At his bedside was his attorney, Morris Engelberg, who told Vanity Fair magazine that the Yankee great never got over Monroe’s death from an apparent drug overdose in 1962.

Late in the afternoon  in 1982, I got a call from Hy of Hy Zazula Studio and asked me to wait for a call from him to meet at his studio. The call comes late,  and when I arrive  his son David is there also and before going into the work area they say I cannot talk about what we will be working on. I enter the work area and covering a large light table are chromes of Marilyn Monroe; we then study the selects to create the budget for approval. The next morning I meet with HY before 9AM, and  give him my final numbers, and within a day we started working on the prints for the book, Marilyn Monroe The Last Sitting
Every now than I run across a 20 x 24 limited edition Print of Marilyn Monroe in an art gallery or auction house and it reminds me of how I met Marilyn Monroe…
Happy Birthday Marilyn!


Ruth Ziolkowski, Who Was Instrumental in Crazy Horse Memorial, Dies at 87

When I was a kid it was popular with owners of station wagons to post on the rear side window small yellow stickers of places that they had visited. Whenever I would pass one I would stop look at the stickers, and think to myself, someday I am going to see them This also inspired me to reading about our National Parks and states. That youthful inquisitiveness has never left me and in 2010, my wife I headed out on our first 50 day cross country road trip since we have made three cross country trip plus 10 other road trips.

On the first trip heading back from California all I could think of was, I am going to see Mount Rushmore, except for Yellowstone National Park it the most popular sticker.

Also, aware of the Crazy Horse Monument, and before, and while on the trip would talk about it, to my friends, but to my surprise most of  had never heard about it.

We stayed three days in Rapid City South Dakota, and visited Mount Rushmore three-times and it was never a disappointment. The second day we started out early first seeing Custer State Park, it is a large park with an abundance of prairie wildlife

Every September they bring in cowboys to do a buffalo roundup and about twenty thousand spectators watch from the hills. I highly recommend visiting it.

From there, we headed over to see the Crazy Horse Monument with no expectation. As you arrive off in the distance you get you first impression (the last image was taken from a mile away) of its size. Seeing it in person you realize the magnitude of the concept of this monument that started in 1947 by Korczak Ziolkowski, at the request of Sioux chiefs who said they wanted ”the white man to know the red man had great heroes too.” (The New York Time Oct 21 1982) Today with the passing of his wife two of their ten children carry on, and  hope to finish this project by 2047. I think it will be difficult without public involvement, something that Korczak and the Sioux wanted to avoid….

These images all were taken in 2010 the fourth image is what the completed image will look like. To convey its scale all four heads on Mount Rushmore would fit into the opening under Crazy Horse arm…

If interested in purchasing any of these images contact me through The New York Times Link 

Crazy Horse Monument Black Hills in South Dakota

Crazy Horse Monument Black Hills in South Dakota


Crazy Horse Monument Black Hills in South Dakota

Crazy Horse Monument Black Hills in South Dakota


Crazy Horse Monument Black Hills in South Dakota

Crazy Horse Monument Black Hills in South Dakota

Crazy Horse Monument Black Hills in South Dakota

Crazy Horse Monument Black Hills in South Dakota

Crazy Horse Monument Black Hills in South Dakota

Crazy Horse Monument Black Hills in South Dakota



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